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A Thought About The Web of Life:

“Insects are the basis of the food chain for so much.  Birds, for example, are one of the many creatures that thrive off of them, well certain types that’s for sure but even predatory birds that eat larger forms of life depend on bugs to build the food chain blocks…  Des Cartes, the French philosopher said man is separate from nature, mind, and body are separate.  Cartesian Dualism is, in fact, the cause of this separation that allows people to read such a thing and then not act.  People stopped seeing in patterns and only have a rational worldview.  Essentially this is the missing link in the new age spiritual realm and a message I really wish to hit home with…” (From Insect Decline Blog – see below for link)

Personally, I love this way of understanding our environmental predicament. In fact, I’d take it a step further and say we are not “stewards” of nature, but rather, we are nature, and it is us. It is only by viewing our place in the world this way on a deep, intuitive/psychological level, rather than as a Cartesian separation, with humankind lording over nature, that we will begin to heal our biosphere, which is to say, ourselves…

via Insect Decline Blog: A letter back to a Student who asked about this vital topic


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