Sustainable Paradise For Sale on Mexico’s Pacific Coast!


view of beach and lower hamlet

Greetings fellow lovers of all things Mexican and sustainable! My wife Holly and I are announcing the sale of our Permaculture dream ranch on the Pacific Coast of Jalisco. For a dozen years we have worked at creating a true paradise on earth, and have had an incredible run hosting Natural Building, Permaculture, and Plant Medicine retreats, raising animals, and “living the life” (read: The Mexico Diaries: A Sustainable Adventure” available on Amazon/Kindle), but now, ambling toward our 70’s, we are looking forward to the next phase of life that is closer to city friends and attractions, medical services, etc. 

On offer is a 45 acre spread with significant infrastructure located just 300 yards from one of the most pristine, swimmable beaches anywhere. This property would be ideally suited to a group looking to form an Eco-village, or for anyone interested in creating their own private abundance with significant eco-tourism income potential.

This amazing property features numerous, buildable ocean vistas and established commercial guest facilities ideally suited for further development as a world-class retreat or education center. Perched high on a west facing hill is a gorgeous, “hippi-lux” cob house with dipping pool and spectacular sunset views, plus caretaker/guest cottage, and basic facilities for goats, chickens, ducks, horses, etc. The entire property is fenced and has been used for free-ranging our goats for many years. 

In addition to the main beach, the property is also a short walk from a smaller, hidden private beach, a turtle research station, and a quintessential Mexican fishing village. This incomparable opportunity is fully titled, and has municipal water & grid-tied electric, existing gravel roadways, a one-acre tropical food forest, kitchen gardens, two hundred moringa trees, 50 coco, mango and banana tress, a traditional Temezcal sweat lodge, and significant additional infrastructure such as a second sunset dipping pool, an ocean-view yoga platform, a community building with bathrooms, bio-digester, storage bodegas, and outdoor kitchen dining facilities capable of hosting 25 or more people. 

As I’ve written about at my WordPress blog “Sustainable Mexico”, there are many significant advantages to pursuing sustainability south of the US border (“the fun side of the wall!”), including ridiculously low property taxes (we pay $250US a year!), year-round sunshine for producing solar and growing food, inexpensive hired help, extremely relaxed business licensing, easy building permitting, no building codes, and no heating/cooling needs other than fans in summer. It is also an easy draw for attracting volunteer help, and is just two hours away from numerous, vibrant farmer’s markets, and an international airport, in Puerto Vallarta.

Finally, we have a second, abutting, fifty-five acre parcel, with our daughter’s house and lots for our family.  Our intention is to remain in the Puerto Vallarta area and return to the second parcel to visit occasionally. We would enjoy maintaining an affiliation with whatever project follows, but that is not a condition of the sale. We will discount heavily and/or consider provide partial financing for a buyer that is planning to continue our vision of wholistic land management, and being of service to the local community. 

Contact us for links to drone footage, YouTube videos, pricing, and more! 


11 thoughts on “Sustainable Paradise For Sale on Mexico’s Pacific Coast!

    1. mexdog Post author

      Hola Johnny. Thank you for your interest. Please contact us through our website, email, or Messenger so that we can discuss the particulars offline. Thanks!

    1. mexdog Post author

      Hola Jon. Thank you for your interest. Please contact us through our website or Messenger so that we can discuss the particulars offline. Thanks!

    1. mexdog Post author

      Hola Heather. So sorry for the EXTREME delay responding. I barely ever use this page anymore. Are you still interested in info about the property? It is still for sale and we have a group of about a dozen interested parties who are exploring pooling resources to purchase. Best way to contact us is at: ranchosolymar@gmail.comKind Regards,

      Dan & Holly

  1. mexdog Post author

    Hola Heather, I’ve responded to you visa email. Please let me know if you don’t receive it, or if you have any further questions.

    Warm Regards,


  2. B. F. Earl

    Hola Dan, Have you tried eBay? Timeshares can be economical if done right. Having been penniless most of my life, I am wondering if the friendly people in your photos have been offered a purchase opportunity as co-owners with your 51% ownership. As life progresses, you could gradually part with your percentage to those who genuinely love the mission thou hast wrought. may be able to reverse someone’s ‘bad luck’ and hook you up with a decent deal.

    1. mexdog Post author

      Hola B. F., That’s a great idea, however Holly and I need to be 100% out of the responsibility business. We can offer a nice discount and up to 33% owner financing for any group that wants to pool their resources and make something like that scenario happen, but, after a wonderful run, and now in our 60’s, we are embracing new visioning, and are ready to move on with no strings attached. We have had a flood of interest, particularly from exactly the sort of groups you suggest, and our hopeful that’s the direction the next reincarnation of Rancho Sol will take!


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