SustainableMexico.wordpress is the blogchild of Rancho Sol y Mar (www.ranchosolymar.com) a working ranch and sustainability center located on the pacific coast of Mexico, state of Jalisco, 2 hours south of Puerto Vallarta. Ranch co-owner Dan Gair is author of the top-rated memoir ‘The Mexico Diaries: A Sustainable Adventure’ (https://goo.gl/FHJ94q) and writes most of the blog posts (oh yeah, that’s me). My background includes 8 years doing time as a commercial fisherman, 20+ years doing more time as a commercial photographer (still under contract with Lonely Planet Images & Getty) and recently reformed and released to start a new life pursuing sustainable living on the coast of Mexico. In addition to career stuff, I started and chaired a municipal energy commission in the U.S., and have completed my NABSEP solar photovoltaic certification training. Together with my wife Holly we have created Rancho Sol y Mar; part goat ranch, part campground, part education center,  and mostly a place to explore the wonders and possibilities of truly sustainable living!


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